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A battery safety net in the palm of your hands

Roadtrek’s proprietary auto start charging management system is a combination remote and auto starter for your Roadtrek. Intended for use in some engine generator equipped Roadtrek models with EcoTrek technology, the VoltStart system will automatically start your engine to recharge your batteries when they get down to a certain threshold.

The VoltStart system is a safe, keyless operation, giving you the freedom to leave your coach, without having to leave the key in the ignition. A remote FOB carried with you allows you to remote start the unit for pre-cooling or pre-heating your coach.


  • Completely safe to use with no key required in the ignition
  • Works anytime of the day or night
  • Low battery threshold is 12.8 volts
  • Inverter/charger system stays on while system is engaged
  • Engine generator will run up to five times for up to 35 minutes each time before the system must be reset

Model Availability

MSRP starting at
$1,900 usd
$1,900 cdn