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We pride ourselves on building one of North America’s leading class B motorhome brand.

Our Process

Every Roadtrek is built with passion, pride, quality, craftsmanship, technology and pure love of the product.


Design & Prototyping

A mockup of a CAD drawing of a Roadtrek vehicle

Our engineering department is second to none. We use some of the most sophisticated computer aided design and manufacturing tools available today- the same CAD/CAM software system used by companies like GM, Boeing and GE.  Our CAD system can communicate with our suppliers systems to ensure a perfect fit.

Three dimensional models allow our engineers to visualize new concepts before they make the first prototype, ensuring everything is shaping out the way they envisioned it. Before CAD drawings are put into production, they come to life as a prototype in our R&D shop. Here we can touch and feel our new designs, and test them to ensure they meet all our specifications.


Using powerful CAM software, CAD drawings can be easily transformed into CNC programs to produce parts on CNC machines at our head office as well as at our suppliers. These CAD/CAM tools help take engineer’s ideas or a customer’s suggestion from concept to final product in order to make the best, even better.


At Roadtrek, customer’s safety is everyone’s priority and no other manufacturer of class B motorhomes invests as much time, effort and money to ensure the product we offer you is as safe as it can be.

All mandatory procedures are performed to insure compliance with all relevant automotive and RV safety standards and requirements.  We also conduct additional voluntary testing, although not required, to maintain being the best in the business we want to make sure every vehicle that leaves our factory is built to our high standards.

Our Models

Roadtrek offers a wide range of models to suit any budget, style, size or need. We are continuously working to improve, update and redefine the class B market with sophisticated, stylish, functional and top of the line products. See for yourself why Roadtrek has been the #1 selling class B motorhome since 1990.

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