(MSRP from
U.S. $85,566 or Cdn. $88,439

Seats 7 & sleeps 2 to 4 in front singles & rear double bed.

For floor plans, photographs and more,
select a model below:

2014 Roadtreks on 2014 chassis (U.S. only)2014 Roadtreks on 2014 chassis (Canada Only)

The Ultimate Small Motorhome in a Van!

The 170-Versatile on the great handling Chevrolet Express 2500 regular van is the easiest of all Roadtreks to maneuver through traffic and fit into those car sized parking spots. It has many features you take for granted in a car, like better fuel economy than most camper vans (never mind larger motorhomes), along with the full-size motorhome features you would expect from any Roadtrek.


(MSRP from
U.S. $116,532 or Cdn. $124,722

Seats 2 to 6 and sleeps 2 to 3 in front single bed & rear twins or king-size bed.

For floor plans, photographs and more,
select a model below:

2014 Roadtreks on 2014 chassis (U.S. only)2014 Roadtreks on 2014 chassis (Canada Only)

The Ultimate Small Motorhome for the Real RVer

If you’re a serious RVer or camper, you’ll love the new CS-Adventurous.


(MSRP from
U.S. $72,865 or Cdn. $78,156

Seats 6 and sleeps up to 5

For floor plans, photographs and more,
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2013 Roadtreks on 2012 chassis (U.S. only) 2013 Roadtreks on 2012 chassis (Canada only)

Defining a New Category of Family Vehicle

What drove us to create a category defying vehicle? Recognizing a need and using our decades of experience and innovation to meet it.

If it looks like no other SUV, RV or minivan, that’s because until now, there’s never been anything like it. Our purpose, our mission, was to build true utility into the N6-Active to support you and your busy life-style.

Ranger RT

(MSRP from
U.S. $76,167 or Cdn. $78,962

Seats 4 and sleeps 2 in rear twins or king-size bed.

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2014 Roadtreks on 2014 chassis (U.S. only)2014 Roadtreks on 2014 chassis (Canada Only)

A Lower Priced, Lighter Weight, Environmentally Sensible Mid-Size Model!

The Ranger RT is our lowest priced fully-equipped camper van yet. Lower weight and a smaller engine allow use of a lighter chassis, all of which lead to better fuel efficiency. Weight is further reduced through carrying of a portable 110V generator only when you are going to use it.

RS E-Trek

(MSRP from
U.S. $129,363 or Cdn. $137,553

Seats 2 to 7 and sleeps 2 to 4 in front single beds & rear twins or king-size bed.

For floor plans, photographs and more,
select a model below:

2014 Roadtreks on 2014 chassis (U.S. only)2014 Roadtreks on 2014 chassis (Canada Only)

An Environmentally Conscious Roadtrek with more Luxury and Functionality than any other Class B in History!

We are truly proud of our new product, the E-trek. It is designed and manufactured with three things in mind:


(MSRP from
U.S. $113,152 or Cdn. $121,342

Seats 2 to 7 and sleeps 2 to 4 in front single beds & rear twins or king-size bed.

For floor plans, photographs and more,
select a model below:

2014 Roadtreks on 2014 chassis (U.S. only)2014 Roadtreks on 2014 chassis (Canada Only)

German Automotive Excellence meets North American RV Ingenuity!

The RS-Adventurous combines legendary Mercedes-Benz engineering with the ingenious RV design creativity you’ve come to expect from Roadtrek. Based on the 170” wheelbase "regular" Sprinter van, it's 16” shorter than the extended version some other manufacturers use. That may not sound like much, but it can be the difference between squeezing into a regular parking spot or having to find two in a row.


(MSRP from
U.S. $105,586 or Cdn. $111,826

Seats 5 and sleeps 2 in rear twins or king-size bed.

For floor plans, photographs and more,
select a model below:

2014 Roadtreks on 2014 chassis (U.S. only)2014 Roadtreks on 2014 chassis (Canada Only)

A Drive-Everyday Motorhome on the Mercedes "Short" Sprinter

The Roadtrek SS-Agile is based on the 144" wheelbase Sprinter 2500 van. At only 19 1/2 feet long, the SS (“Short Sprinter”) is perfect for those who want a vehicle that’s really as easy to use everyday as a large crossover or conversion van but one that offers all the conveniences of a fully-equipped motorhome – and delivers awesome fuel economy!
Roadtrek Class B Motorhome Warranty

Here's what our customers have to say...

Roadtrek®TM Owners Quotes


  We're actually looking forward to a trip just especially to see you and all the folks there who have been such a big part of our lives for almost the last decade. I think you understand that you, in your daily activites as Roadtrek don't provide customers with just a converted van, you provide comfort, safety, entertainment, intimate moments, new experiences, bragging rights (more than a few) and all of it in travel environments that can be full of unexpected and somethimes unpleasant possibilities.
Denis Caravella, Vero Beach, Florida

  I was a little apprehensive about customer service for our Roadtrek RS Adventurous when we purchased it. I had heard negative things about other manufacturers and how difficult it was to get help when needed after a purchase. I have dealt a couple of times with minor issues with a representative from Roadtrek who has been extremely helpful. She has gone out of her way to respond very quickly and get the problem solved. I have already written to a couple of on-line forums of the exceptional care provided. I just wanted to pass this on so that others might know of my experience.
Ron & Gloria Knapel, San Jose, California

  ...we got to know both [Chairman and Warranty, Service & Parts Manager] at the many Roadtrek International rallies. The willingness of both of you to listen as we owners complained and made suggestions for product improvement was important to both of us. ...We write this letter to let you know of our continued appreciation for the concerns of [Warranty, Service & Parts Manager] for the Roadtrek owners. He goes the extra mile to make sure the owners are happy and proud of their units. We feel that both he and [Warranty, Service & Parts Specialist] did more than required to put our unit back in "better than new" condition and we cannot thank them enough!"
Bob & Martha McBurney, Worthington, Ohio

  ...off we go to test out the 210. 250 miles, averaged 13.7 MPG running 60 MPH or so. Not bad for a new motor... I told them how pleased I was with the Roadie and thanked them... That's what I call customer support... I never got that kind of support from anyone in Indiana... I have looked at this machine very closely and the workmanship is at a very high level. By the way, everything worked as designed on the first weekend trip.
Charles Schlough, Edmond, Oklahoma

  Bud and I just have to let everyone know that the service we recieved from the Roadtrek staff ([Warranty, Service & Parts Manager] and [Sales Director]) was tremendous... Having run into various problems with our vehicle and attending the June Nashville Rally, [Warranty, Service & Parts Manager] came to our rescue and went over and above to make sure we were satisified.
Jan Goetz & Bud Hitchcock, Clinton, Connecticut

  We have camped for more than 40 years and vacationed in pop-ups and Bluebirds. Just prior to our retirement four years ago, we began researching motorhomes. We knew from experience that a Class B would be our choice. After doing extensive research we chose Roadtrek and have been very pleased with our decision. [Dealer] and [Service, Warranty & Parts Manager] have proven on more than one occasion, that Roadtrek is the best in the industry.
Betty & Jim Weite, Ormond Beach, Florida

  We purchased our first ever motor home this year. I call it my "Freedom" ride as it has given me back my freedom to travel once again due to a medical condition that had kept me housebound for about eight years. We love the Roadtrek. It's top of the line quality every where you look inside & outside. Drives like a dream, so easy to get around in, just great! And the Roadtrek dealership [owner] treated us like royalty from day one clear through the sales process & delivery of our new RV. And their service after the sell is just as great! [Salesperson] and rest of the staff really do live by their motto, "A Company That Cares" and it shows. And thank you to Roadtrek Company for making such a wonderful top of the line motor home.
Vicky & Gary King, Kirsville, Missouri

  We have owned 2 Roadtrek [190] Versatiles... Both new. They are the best on the road and we always let others know our beliefs regarding that. We appreciate the assistance received in the past from [Roadtrek] and their representatives... Thank you.
Alan & Shirley Evans, Barrie, Ontario

  We want you to know we really appreciate the professional-manner, generosity and caring which you and your staff give your customers. I am truly impressed! (It takes a lot to impress me because I have been around a while.) ...we love our Roadtrek. Unlike many other manufacturers, YOU care that we continue to love them. It is not only the quality of the products, but also your attitude of service and dependability filtering down through your employees that makes the customer feel so faithful. I appreciate your [Chairman Jeff Hanemaayer's] attention to detail, your willingness to put yourself in the tough positions when it's needed for your product, your staff and your customers. It seems to me that you have your values and prespective in the right place. I have talked to many people about you, so I thought I should say it to you. A HUGE THANKS, Jeff, to you and your staff. You are the best!
Anne Courtemanche, Windsor Mill, Maryland

  We have enjoyed owning a Roadtrek (our 2nd one) since 1997... We have gone to many of the club rallies and have hosted two... We feel you have a first class organization as you continue to work closely with the owners - always ready to answer questions and provide service. We feel you and your associates bend over backwards to provide us with satisfaction.
Dick and Marge Dillon, Parma Heights, Ohio

  I would like to thank and commend your company, and especially, two of your employees, [Service, Warranty & Parts Specialist] and [Service, Warranty & Parts Manager]... Thank you, and our thanks to [them]. It would be hard to imagine more courteous, concerned, prompt, competent service.
Walter Owens, Bloomington, Indiana

  The Roadtrek is a great Motorhome we like ours very much, but in the competitive field, it is your CARING SERVICE which will bring us back (and telling others) to [Roadtrek] Motorhomes.
Dr Sylvia Ruscett, Nunica, Michigan

  We would just like to thank your fine staff for all of their help. After taking the tour of your plant we felt that we could call for help and get some answers, which we did. Thanks again to you and your staff.
Chuck & Carol Caldecotl, Innerkip, Ontario

  My goal is to offer you an UNRIVALLED combination of product design, quality, price, and customer service. Period.
Jeff Hanemaayer, Chairman, Roadtrek Motorhomes Inc.

  Because of your staff and your associates at [Roadtrek dealer], you have gained two loyal customers.
Dick & Donna Lister, Manotick, Ontario

  Everyone should go and visit the Roadtrek factory in Kitchener, Ontario. What a place. You can see why the Roadtrek is so well put together. The place is spotless and well organized. The people were very friendly and seemed very motivated and happy in their work. They spoke proudly of the jobs that they were doing. We went there on a whim but it turned out to be a great experience that we recommend to all.
Bob Bussolari, Suffield, Connecticut

  Having owned a variety of trailers, Class B and A motorhomes, we can definitely say that the Roadtrek 200 has exceeded our expectations. There was really no choice but to go with the best. This decision was further enhanced by the sterling customer relations and product support provided by [Roadtrek] Motorhomes. Exemplary, to say the least, and indeed "above and beyond" industry norm. It is easy to see why Roadtreks are #1 in North America.
CC Carruthers, Calgary, Alberta

  I've owned several types of RVs over forty years including Fleetwood's top of the line turbo-diesel American Eagle. But none can compare with the quality, ease of travel, and dealer support of Roadtrek. I have owned two new Roadtreks, and there probably wiil be future vehicles.
General John Wickham, US Army (Retired), Tuscon, Arizona

  I would like to tell you how very happy I am with all the folks at [Roadtrek] that I have dealt with. In over 30 years of RVing, and four motorhomes, I was never so well treated. Thank you for the caliber people you have.
Dan O'Connell, Ohio

  This is pure and simple, a fan letter, a testimony to both your product and your service. I purchased a Roadtrek and after 88,000 miles and 6 years, I am sold on its reliability, excellent workmanship and quality appointments. It has all the conveniences I need - no more and no less. Recently I traveled through Kitchener to have some work completed... Everyone at your plant was most helpful... When I first purchased my 190-Popular, I shopped around. Now, when I go to purchase another RV, I will not waste time looking around - I will definitely purchase another Raodtrek.
Ellwood B. Jacoby, Cherry Hill, New Jersey

  I want to thank you for the plant tour last week. It was impressive. I would like to congratulate [Roadtrek] for being a leader in their field as far as support to their dealers and also to their consumers.
Curt Tibbals, Roadtrek Salesperson, Waterloo, Iowa

  A big "thank you" to everyone at [Roadtrek] for putting the customer first... On our way home [from the factory] as we were driving in our Roadtrek, we had a lot of good things to say about your product and your way of doing business. Your company is truly a perfect example of good customer relations.
Ken & Colleen Murray, Green Bay, Wisconsin

  We have found the service [Warranty & Service Coordinator] offered to be absolutely first-rate and without equal.
Donald & Margaret Illman, Woodstock, Ontario

  We have just arrived home from a 37 day, 10,000 mile trip to California and our Roadtrek performed beautifully. During the trip, we contacted you because of a gauge failure, via e-mail, and you responded quickly with the possible trouble and stated that you would send an electrical plan. It was waiting for us when we arrived home but we were able to fix the problem while on the road. We want to thank you, and Roadtrek, for the excellent way in which you conduct your business and the assistance you give your customers. It is a pleasure to do business with you and we never fail to recommend you whenever we can. The vehicle performs excellently and, with 65,000 miles, we still have all of the original parts, tires, etc. Thank you for a job "Well Done"
Shirley & Ray Brower, Bergenfield, New Jersey

  Went to the factory after offer from [Warranty & Service Coordinator] to correct some problems and received excellent service and all work was completed and even more! Will recommend Roadtrek to anyone who wants an excellent van camper with 125% service guarantee. Thank you.
Peggy Price, Franklin, North Carolina

  It is a pleasure to be associated with a company that stands by their product. Your staff is outstanding, keep up the good work. I will not hesitate to recommend Roadtrek.
John McAdam, Thomaston, Connecticut

  Because of your product, and the fact that you stand behind it, and support we customers so well, I am always happy to show off my van and recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone and everyone interested in a motorhome.
Don & Pam Erickson, Las Vegas, Nevada

  This is a letter of utmost praise and appreciation to your understanding and caring staff including but not limited to [staff] at the front switchboard who makes the customer feel important, to [sales assistant] a real trooper with lots of patience, to [Warranty & Service Coordinator] a real star in your company. Not only does [W&S Coord.] have all of the attributes referred to above but additionally he has the administrative and technical knowledge and expertise to explain things so that the average person (like ourselves) can comprehend and understand. He has never inferred that any of our questions over the years have been stupid and he made us feel that "the door is always open" should we have any more questions or concerns about the workings of this or that in our Roadtrek. We believe that [W&S Coord.] truly cares about the customers. He returns phone calls and never gives you a "quick shuffle". We have been made to feel that we are part of the "[Roadtrek]" FAMILY. Because of this, we feel like "disciples" and have sold 3 people on Roadtreks these last 18 months and are into possibly our 4th person. If more companies had people like [W&S Coord.] on their staff, we guarantee that they would be "in the black" with a great profit margin and that the stock exchange would consider that company to be blue chip. You are very fortunate to have [W&S Coord.] and the other people who make up your [Roadtrek] team. Keep up the good work.
Valerie E. Weinstein & Sheila R. London, Merritt Island, Florida

  As with most vehicles, including RV's (we have owned five other makes of motorhomes), there are always certain glitches and adjustments that just show up within the first few thousand Kms. Our 210 was no exception. However, because of the exemplary way our problems were handled by your warranty personnel we feel compelled to write this letter of thanks and congratulations to you for staffing your company with such high caliber people. ...I cannot overstate our amazement and appreciation for the wonderful way we were treated by your staff.
Jack Ricard, Oshawa, Ontario

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