(MSRP from
U.S. $85,566 or Cdn. $88,439

Seats 7 & sleeps 2 to 4 in front singles & rear double bed.

For floor plans, photographs and more,
select a model below:

2014 Roadtreks on 2014 chassis (U.S. only)2014 Roadtreks on 2014 chassis (Canada Only)

The Ultimate Small Motorhome in a Van!

The 170-Versatile on the great handling Chevrolet Express 2500 regular van is the easiest of all Roadtreks to maneuver through traffic and fit into those car sized parking spots. It has many features you take for granted in a car, like better fuel economy than most camper vans (never mind larger motorhomes), along with the full-size motorhome features you would expect from any Roadtrek.


(MSRP from
U.S. $116,532 or Cdn. $124,722

Seats 2 to 6 and sleeps 2 to 3 in front single bed & rear twins or king-size bed.

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2014 Roadtreks on 2014 chassis (U.S. only)2014 Roadtreks on 2014 chassis (Canada Only)

The Ultimate Small Motorhome for the Real RVer

If you’re a serious RVer or camper, you’ll love the new CS-Adventurous.


(MSRP from
U.S. $72,865 or Cdn. $78,156

Seats 6 and sleeps up to 5

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2013 Roadtreks on 2012 chassis (U.S. only) 2013 Roadtreks on 2012 chassis (Canada only)

Defining a New Category of Family Vehicle

What drove us to create a category defying vehicle? Recognizing a need and using our decades of experience and innovation to meet it.

If it looks like no other SUV, RV or minivan, that’s because until now, there’s never been anything like it. Our purpose, our mission, was to build true utility into the N6-Active to support you and your busy life-style.

Ranger RT

(MSRP from
U.S. $76,167 or Cdn. $78,962

Seats 4 and sleeps 2 in rear twins or king-size bed.

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2014 Roadtreks on 2014 chassis (U.S. only)2014 Roadtreks on 2014 chassis (Canada Only)

A Lower Priced, Lighter Weight, Environmentally Sensible Mid-Size Model!

The Ranger RT is our lowest priced fully-equipped camper van yet. Lower weight and a smaller engine allow use of a lighter chassis, all of which lead to better fuel efficiency. Weight is further reduced through carrying of a portable 110V generator only when you are going to use it.

RS E-Trek

(MSRP from
U.S. $129,363 or Cdn. $137,553

Seats 2 to 7 and sleeps 2 to 4 in front single beds & rear twins or king-size bed.

For floor plans, photographs and more,
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2014 Roadtreks on 2014 chassis (U.S. only)2014 Roadtreks on 2014 chassis (Canada Only)

An Environmentally Conscious Roadtrek with more Luxury and Functionality than any other Class B in History!

We are truly proud of our new product, the E-trek. It is designed and manufactured with three things in mind:


(MSRP from
U.S. $113,152 or Cdn. $121,342

Seats 2 to 7 and sleeps 2 to 4 in front single beds & rear twins or king-size bed.

For floor plans, photographs and more,
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2014 Roadtreks on 2014 chassis (U.S. only)2014 Roadtreks on 2014 chassis (Canada Only)

German Automotive Excellence meets North American RV Ingenuity!

The RS-Adventurous combines legendary Mercedes-Benz engineering with the ingenious RV design creativity you’ve come to expect from Roadtrek. Based on the 170” wheelbase "regular" Sprinter van, it's 16” shorter than the extended version some other manufacturers use. That may not sound like much, but it can be the difference between squeezing into a regular parking spot or having to find two in a row.


(MSRP from
U.S. $105,586 or Cdn. $111,826

Seats 5 and sleeps 2 in rear twins or king-size bed.

For floor plans, photographs and more,
select a model below:

2014 Roadtreks on 2014 chassis (U.S. only)2014 Roadtreks on 2014 chassis (Canada Only)

A Drive-Everyday Motorhome on the Mercedes "Short" Sprinter

The Roadtrek SS-Agile is based on the 144" wheelbase Sprinter 2500 van. At only 19 1/2 feet long, the SS (“Short Sprinter”) is perfect for those who want a vehicle that’s really as easy to use everyday as a large crossover or conversion van but one that offers all the conveniences of a fully-equipped motorhome – and delivers awesome fuel economy!
Roadtrek Class B Motorhome Warranty

Here's what our customers have to say...

Roadtrek®TM Owners Quotes


  We had a very good trip, covered over 6000 road miles and as you can see, we had all kinds of weather. We got snowed in 3 times but never got stuck. The Roadtrek has amazing traction with the locked up rear end, long wheel base and good weight distribution. We camped in it in weather down to 8 degrees and were always comfortable. It is a quality product.
Susan & Dennis Bible, Soldotna, Alaska

  I have a Roadtrek and have travelled throughout Mexico for the past 2 winters and can not believe all the Roadtreks we have come across while there. It never failed us once even climbing the steep mountains or driiving around the treacherous curves on the way up and down the mountain. The bed is so comfortable! Everyone seems to love their unit as much as us. Thank you for building such a wonderful, dependable van.
Ann Wright, Chatham, Ontario

  My wife is very handicapped and the RV is just the right size for us. It is the only way we can travel anymore. It is a great machine and I love to drive it and live aboard.
Ralph Degroodt, Galena, Maryland

  I've owned 2 class A motorhomes before buying a Roadtrek [190] last summer. After driving it over 10,000 miles I am thrilled!!! Loved its comfort, ease in handling, parking, the ease of emptying the tanks and its fuel ecomony. Monitored for 6,000 trip, going 60-75 mph, in mountains pulling a small trailer, running generator often, and still averaged 15.4 mpg. Wow! Comfort, power AND economy - it was great! This is my first Roadtrek, but definitely (if quality continues) not my last! Thanks Roadtrek for a great summer!
Gloria Schick, Deer Park, Washington

  We have just completed our 1st long trip 5000 miles and loved our Roadtrek. Since this is a new experience for us, we were amazed at the gas mileage, how well it handled on the road and best of all we parked everywhere a regular auto is allowed. The Roadtrek is Great.
Tom Pearson, Fayetteville, Arkansas

  I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know just how pleased we are with the purchase of our new Roadtrek Versatile 190. We had looked at many types and makes of motorhomes before deciding on the Roadtrek as the most logical choice... We have owned our Roadtrek for some 8 months now and have enjoyed every minute of it. The Roadtrek is very well designed, incredibly functional and an excellent value. The design contributes to ease and simplicity of use, making for much more enjoyable outings. The motorhome has most everything the larger class C and A's have, but in a smaller package. The compact size of the Roadtrek is a major advantage, allowing for a pleasant driving experience and ease of parking. Probably the most definitive example of the ease of use of the Roadtrek is to make a comparison to a neighbor of mine. My neighbor has a very large class A diesel pusher that has only been driven on one or two outings in the last year. While the "class A" is nice once you arrive at the destination, the driving of such a monster vehicle leaves the driver totally exhausted by the time you arrive at the destination. The real gauge of a successful motorhome purchase is the extent to which you actually use the motorhome. Because of the ease of use of the Roadtrek we have used it extensively, even for trips to the restaurant or shopping. Thanks for producing such an expertly crafted and well designed motorhome. The Roadtrek has provided myself and my family many hours of enjoyment. We look forward to many more years of fun and adventure in your motorhome.
Bruce D. Brown, Alta Loma, California

  Thank you for making our [RS]-Adventurous. This is our first try at a RV. We have not even rented before... We have put 12,000 miles on it. We use it on weekends and just took a 5 week trip... It gets great fuel mileage at about 21 going 75 miles per hour. We had no trouble with the mountains in Utah. We love the shower and the LCD TV. Most of all, we like the open feeling inside... We have it set up with a mini office ... Thank you,
Toni Lyerly, West End, North Carolina

  We totally love our Roadtrek. We use it often - I drive it daily to work. We go to Roadtrek International rallies. They are great fun and the folks in the club are super. Overall a top-notch product. We will buy another one down the road!
Patrick Shubird, Daphne, Alabama

  I used to own a car and a larger class B motorhome. I sold them both and purchased a Roadtrek [190]. The convenient size makes the Roadtrek so easy to park and drivability And it's so well equipped that I don't miss either of my previous vehicles at all. I also love not having 2 vehicles that just sit in my driveway most of the time that I have to maintain.
Stephen Rose, Lexington, Kentucky

  This is the best vehicle purchase I have ever made! I needed a vehicle that could take me to work every day, fit in the parking garage at work, not violate my neighbors parking restrictions, and be a full feature motohome. Our 170-Popular does all this and more. It is very well built and laid out. We just love it. I smile every day as I drive it to work and look forward to our next trip.
Patrick Shubird, Daphne, Alabama

  We purchased our first ever motor home this year. I call it my "Freedom" ride as it has given me back my freedom to travel once again due to a medical condition that had kept me housebound for about eight years. We love the Roadtrek. It's top of the line quality every where you look inside & outside. Drives like a dream, so easy to get around in, just great! And the Roadtrek dealership [owner] treated us like royalty from day one clear through the sales process & delivery of our new RV. And their service after the sell is just as great! [Salesperson] and rest of the staff really do live by their motto, "A Company That Cares" and it shows. And thank you to Roadtrek Company for making such a wonderful top of the line motor home.
Vicky & Gary King, Kirsville, Missouri

  I just got back from a two week road trip through Little Rock, Dallas, Shreveport, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Mobile, Destin FL, Montgomery AL, Jackson MS, then finally back to Dallas. The twist to the story is that for almost the entirety of the trip, we were traveling with four adults. Very enjoyable!
Hugh Chapman, Horseshoe Bend, Arkansas

  I show dogs and it is perfect for me. The Roadtrek is not too big to drive to local shows. I stay in it on the weekend shows. I LOVE IT!
Ms. Kimberly Anderson, Farmington Heights, Michigan

  We took a 5700 mile trip the fuel mileage ranged from 14.2 to 16.1 MPG. I'm a retired Cadillac tech working in a Chevy store. I own a Cadillac, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Chevy Van (Chinook Conversion) and a Roadtrek. We would rather drive our Roadtrek than any of our other vehicles. Roadtrek is truly the Cadillac of Camper Vans. It rides better than our Cadillac and gets better gas mileage. I recommend it to all my friends, and hope to sell a couple units for you. We are very happy we chose to buy a Roadtrek.
Robert Worth, San Dimias, California

  I am now a very proud owner of a new Roadtrek Chev 190-Versatile. Your site was a real inspiration when I found it a few months ago. I ended up buying from a very helpful dealer... it was shipped to Liverpool in England... I was very impressed with the Roadtrek's handling & performance, and as for the looks, well, what a beauty! It really does turn heads on English roads. Next Stop.... France.... hopefully Provence in the Autumn (fall). Thanks once again...
Francis Poignand, Jersey

  We purchased our first Roadtrek, a 170 six months prior to our retirement; so it became our second car for 6 months. I drove it to work every day, and several times a day when my co-workers had their breaks, I was asked to give a tour. No one could believe it actually had kitchen, bathroom, and a shower... We are now enjoying our second Roadtrek, and our 5th year of retirement.
Cherie & Keith Jones

  We've been researching lots of vehicles over the years, and never found one that seemed "just right" until Jean showed us your brochure and told us about the trip she was planning in one of your motorhomes. We both instantly felt that we had found the perfect vehicle for our tour! Not too big, not too small, but JUST RIGHT!!! Good gas mileage, plenty of storage space for musical instruments and puppets, small enough to drivability Comfortably, but so well-planned and well-made that we could see ourselves (and our small dogs) traveling in comfort and style...
Kate Schuerch, Hilo, Hawaii

  We have a 200-Versatile on the Chev chassis. Perhaps the thing I like MOST about it is how it drives and handles. In fact, it is very close to my mini-van. I love taking it on long trips, or driving in heavy traffic where the view it affords makes driving easier... My teenage son gets a kick out of looking down on Lincoln Navigators and such!

  ...We just returned from a trip throughout the midwestern U.S. and would like to report that the Chevy chassis is everything it's made out to be. The ride is smoother and quieter than the Dodge and the handling is a dream in comparison. No more problems with road wander, crosswinds or road tire ruts. We had three Dodge chassis Roadtreks before this and in comparison the Chevy ride and handling is in a class by itself. We also had numerous people tell us that it is the most handsome conversion van they've ever seen. To those who are planning a new Roadtrek purchase, I would highly recommend paying the extra [money] for the Chevy chassis.
Jim Partridge, Anchorage, Alaska

  Last year when we were looking for a Class B, we inspected and drove several vans before ordering our Roadtrek. We drove the Coach House Dodge, Pleasure Way Ford, and the Roadtrek Chevy and were most impressed with the Roadtrek for many reasons including the cab size and van handling. We are both tall and needed the added leg room and height the Chevy offered.
Rick & Barbara Dalderis, Monte Sereno, California

  We live in Michigan, and have done a lot of winter driving with the Roadtrek. We drove over 5,000 miles on one trip, visiting ski areas. The Roadtrek handled great! Absolutely no problems.
Bob Elliott, Milan, Michigan

  We are the owners of a Roadtrek 190-Popular. We never used it without remarking about how easy it is to get around, plus have all the advantages of a large rig. We have owned three large motorhomes in the past and never relaxed and enjoyed the back roads like we do now.
Luella & Ed Smith

  The Roadtrek is, in my opinion, the "Cadillac" of RVs. It goes anywhere and looks beautiful and has fulfilled my dreams of what a motorhome should be and still drives like a car.
Anonymous survey respondent

  I've owned several types of RVs over forty years including Fleetwood's top of the line turbo-diesel American Eagle. But none can compare with the quality, ease of travel, and dealer support of Roadtrek. I have owned two new Roadtreks, and there probably wiil be future vehicles.
General John Wickham, US Army (Retired), Tuscon, Arizona

  I just wanted to congratulate Roadtrek on a very stable vehicle (200-Versatile). The winds were between 50 and 75 mph with blinding rain, about 90% of the vehicles were pulled over to wait it out. Needless to say it handled better than I expected. With both hands on the wheel I had no problem driving once I slowed down to 30-45 mpg. Way to go Roadtrek, it's nice to know I don't have to pull over every time it gets windy.
Joe Milam, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

  As we sat under the awning sipping wine and listening to music as the shrimp boiled, I saw a big class A hauling a Jeep trying to squeeze into the parking area, they gave up. They were too big to make the turn. The Roadtrek is the perfect blend of comfort, usefulness and stress-free travel.
Anonymous respondent

  The couple sitting next to me remarked that we must have driven up in 2 vehicles since my wife was leaving to take a bath and watch a movie. They didn't believe me when I told them we had a motor home in the parking lot. They asked how on earth I had managed to get a motor home up that 10 mile dirt path. " It was easy", I said, "It's a Roadtrek!"
Houston & Janice, Gallatin, Tennessee

  We thoroughly enjoyed our trip in this vehicle. It handled beautifully... maneuvered very well on the winding, narrow roads, and the Chevy Vortec 5.7L engine was plenty powerful. The comfort of the front passenger seats is great for driving and for relaxing at other times. The other two seats are also very comfortable. The comfort of the sleeping area afforded us a great night's sleep, which was great. We gave this vehicle a real test under many conditions... very heavy persistent rains for two days (no leaks!), wind, heavy traffic, hot weather with A/C, and night driving. It is extremely comfortable. We like the floor plan, much roomier than the smaller models. Ample storage for long trips... We averaged 15 miles per [US] gallon! We are very satisfied with that!
Francis Griffin, Westboro,, Massachusetts

  We... have a Roadtrek 200-Versatile. Love it.... in the one year that we have owned it... we have driven through 32 states, and nearly 23,000 miles. Coast to coast and up and down the east coast. To say the least, we have done a great deal of driving in all conditions, and find the handling superb. Handles just great on all highways... We are just so comfortable at all times in this 200, and the driving is a joy. I hate to stop for the day!!... Switching to the 200 is the true answer!!

  We found the Roadtrek to be the perfect size, you can park it almost anywhere and the quality of the workmanship is excellent. We love it!!! Want us to do an ad "SINGING ITS PRAISES"?
Ron Searle & Kathleen Colosino, Thunder Bay, Ontario

  I am writing this letter in regards to the 190-Versatile Roadtrek I purchased. I have driven this machine over 24,000 miles, my last trip being... 13,278 miles in three months and 18 days. I have climbed to 12,750 plus feet and driven 85 miles per hour on interstates, over dirt roads, up and down places most people wouldn't drivability Any 2 wheel drive [vehicle] on. I sell snowmaking equipment... and returned... pulling my trailer with equipment. Not one problem, in any way. I love it!!!
Uel Gardner, Farmington, New Hampshire

  It is about one month now that I have taken delivery of this unit... and it is time I made my report, shall we say. I will not itemize all the good things I have to say as it would be too lengthy. ...I have driven my unit almost daily and enjoy it even better than driving my Caddy. This is my first holidaying with Roadtrek and my 4th van RV and I must say the workmanship in this unit cannot be improved on in any respect...
George Soika, Richmond, British Columbia

  We shopped long and carefully to find the right vehicle... Once we saw the Roadtrek, we knew we found it. The bath/dressing area, kitchen layout, storage etc., are by far the best of anything we've seen. When we travel, we get many compliments on the appearance of the vehicle. The standard van width and length is a very important issue for us. If we go to a nice restaurant, we do not want to wonder if there will be parking spaces big enough for a big motorhome. With a Roadtrek, we never have to worry about it. We can go anywhere. We saw no other van that offered as much as Roadtrek for comfort and efficiency... We were extremely comfortable even on the cold mornings and found the van handled very well even on some very windy days.
Burgess, Shandaken, New York

  Best layout for its size, easy, handling on the road, ease of moving around inside camper, wonderful storage areas... We couldn't be more pleased with our Roadtrek. It is such a solid well-built unit...
David Romig, Warren, Michigan

  [We] sold our home... Six months and [25,000 miles] later we returned [home]. The Roadtrek was phenomenal. Its layout and features allowed us great flexibility in our travels... The Roadtrek went everywhere and anywhere, with ease. It was comfortable, easy to drive, great mileage, great sleeping comfort and was spacious enough that even our 80 pound Lab was no trouble. In 6 months we spent all of 5 days in a motel!! ...we were completely inexperienced, but with the Roadtrek's extensive and user-friendly systems, RVing was a treat right from day one. Lest I forget, talk about holding its value: we sold our Roadtrek two years after we bought it for within $1200 of what we paid for it!! What more can I say. The Roadtrek is one beautiful machine.
Lynda & David MacMahon, North York, Ontario

  We covered a total of 7000 miles in 20 days and thoroughly enjoyed every mile... The Roadtrek performed admirably throughout the trip, and at no time did we wish we were traveling in any other type of RV. We are convinced that for 2 or 3 people the Roadtrek 170 is the perfect vehicle, combining all the best features of a large camping rig with the worry-free maneuverability of a van... Camping in the Roadtrek was so simple and convenient. No jacks to struggle with, and so easy to park and level. The primitive campsites were the simplest of all. Just pull in and the fully self-contained unit is all set. ...the bed was far better than we had dared hope for in a camping unit. My wife and I highly recommend the Roadtrek 170 as a money saving combined camping rig/second car option to anyone interested in part-time excursions into the great outdoors... Thank you all for building such a fine and attractive motorhome as the Roadtrek 170. Keep up the good work and HAPPY TREKKING to all.
James & Julie Mager, Ishpeming, Michigan

  In 1959 my wife and I bought an 18' Airstream trailer, two years later I retired... Through the next 30 years we owned 4 more Airstreams and towed them a total 239,232 miles and spent 2997 days away from our home RVing... In 1989, we sold our last trailer and bought a 27' motorhome and soon found ourselves towing a Toyota. Soon I realized that was no way to travel... Too, all the highways are under repair... We considered travel in our 27' dual-wheeled motorhome excessively hazardous. Why choose the small Roadtrek - considerations like safety, ease of handling, parking and fuel costs, servicing costs, parts availability, garaging, neighborhood tolerance, storing, squeezing through tight places, height bulk & weight considerations... Our 37 years of RVing and our ages has cut our trips shorter and allowed Roadtrek to perfectly fill the bill for us.
Milton Johnson, Roff, Oklahoma

  From its clever, compact and quality use of every inch of space to its sleek look, from the back roads of the Northwest to the busy streets of DC and the narrow lanes of New England, the Roadtrek accommodated our needs for comfort, charm, performance and economy. We love it!... RV shows led me to believe I needed more than 19 or 21 feet for fulltiming. We ended up with a larger motorhome for awhile... Then... we down sized to the 19 foot Roadtrek. It has served us well for over a year now. We are able to travel easily with no tow vehicle. Our mileage is better, our insurance lower, and best of all, I can and do drive it. It takes us to beautiful places, to visit lots of wonderful family, and to the local supermarket...
Gael P. Mustapha, Green Valley, Arizona

  ...reasons for purchase of our Roadtrek. I doubt whether ours can be considered unique. 1) The last cat had died. (Our 40 year old turtle has maintenance requirements which did not need much space). 2) I was getting tired of the travel procedures necessary with a 30 ft. travel trailer and the difficulty of maneuvering through tight spaces, parking limitations, etc. 3) We wanted to tour... I particularly enjoyed not having to return to a campground to pick up a trailer, but ending our daily tour at the next campground... The Roadtrek is our major transportation vehicle here and a temporary residence when we visit our friends and relatives here - no impositions!...
R. G. Pankhurst, Ada, Michigan

  LOVE IT!!!! Its beauty, craftsmanship, value, layout, size, gas mileage, driveability on highway. Amazed every time we take it out.
Nancy Cramer, Guyton, Georgia

  We were scheduled to go to the Calgary Stampede and a convention in Spokane, Washington in July with our class 'A' motor home. Well, we got our Roadtrek in June and were concerned about a month long trip in a smaller unit. But how great it was: the ease of driving, much more economical, we could go further and faster than 16 other units we were with, and we had everything they had.
Clarence & Helen Stone, Mohave Valley, Arizona

  It might be of interest to you that we traveled through 14 countries (including Lichtenstein, Andora and Gibraltar) and covered 19,000 miles in 32 weeks. We negotiated hairpin turns on narrow roads in the Austrian Alps during ski season, bullied our way through rush-hour traffic in Barcelona and cruised easily at 75 MPH on German autobahns. In Swedish Lapland the screens kept the mosquitoes out and in Finland and northern Italy we easily negotiated rutted roads to reach our friends' country houses.
William Ilmanen, Skaneateles, New York

  We have been happy owners of a new Roadtrek Motorhome van (170-Popular with the armoire)... After being a previous owner of a larger motorhome we can truly give a true assessment. It definitely has the comfort and conveniences we desire, and the main pluses are the ease of driving, being able to park anywhere, and the economical operation.
Joe & Lenna Barrett, Pryor, Oklahoma

  The 190-Versatile lived up to its name. No other motorhome could have served our needs better or have given us the flexibility to go where or when the spirit beckoned. It was reassuring to know that we could camp for 3-4 nights without hook-up or services (many National Parks did not provide hookups) and comforting to feel that, no matter where you were stopped for the night, once the curtains were drawn you were "at home". We were able to visit places where longer and wider units were not permitted and never had to reserve a time to pass through long tunnels such as in Zion National Park. We drove the narrow streets of the French Quarter in New Orleans and traveled and parked with ease in other cities. Exceptional vehicle.... Exceptional trip.
Anonymous survey respondent

  We decided to trade our 1989 Roadtrek for a larger motorhome to have more room; we kept it two months, took it back and bought another [Roadtrek]!! My wife can and does drive the [Roadtrek] where she wouldn't the larger motorhome.
Maurice & Muriel Baker, Tillsonburg, Ontario

  After a 4 year search and making comparisons, I got a unit that gets good gas mileage, can be easily garaged, is easy to handle and has all the features of the big rigs.
Anonymous survey respondent

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